Property Ammenities

Plenty of Parking
Fully equipped Kitchens
Each cottage has a Barbecue
Each cottage has a Picnic Table
Fire Pit
Volley Ball Net
Direct Beach Access. Walk directly onto the beach


CHECK-IN TIME: After 4 p.m. CHECKOUT TIME: 9 a.m.


*Valid picture id, license must be shown upon check-in, Failure to do so will prohibit you from checking in.

*Every guest in your party must read and sign the back of this Rules and Regulations sheet upon arrival with the manager.

*Our establishment is strictly reserved for our customers who have paid to stay.

*Absolutely no visitors allowed.

*No smoking in the cottages, or you will get fined.

*If anyone is caught smoking in the cottage, the whole cottage will loose his or her security deposits.

*If you tamper with a fire extinguisher or its inspection tag, $100 will be charged to your cottage.

*If you tamper with a smoke alarm everyone in your cottage will loose his or her deposit.

*There is no glass bottles or any kind of glass allowed outside on the property of The Sands Waterfront Cottages.There is zero
tolerance on this matter. If you are found to have a glass bottle or any kind of glass with you outside your cottage, everyone staying in your cottage will loose his or her security deposit immediately.

*If there is any writing on the walls or any parts of the cottage all security deposits will be lost.

*Absolutely no climbing the cottages or going on the roofs. If anyone is found on the roof, you will be immediately evicted off the property and you will loose your security deposit.

*There will be a $25 key charge for lost keys.

*If the cottages or the grounds around your cottages are not kept clean each person will loose $10 from their security deposit.

*If you deliberately trash the cottage you will automatically loose your security deposit and face eviction.

*Any damage done to any cottage will result in loss of security deposit for everyone in the cottage, regardless of who damages your cottage. Everyone in that cottage will be evicted.

*If there is food or writing on the walls, ceiling or furniture the whole cottage will loose their deposits.

*Barbecues may be rented for $25. They will be supplied with one full tank of propane. Any additional tank of propane is an additional $25.

*If anyone is caught in your cottage without a wristband the whole cottage will loose his or her security deposits.

*Broken wristbands will only be replaced if you have the broken one with you.

*If you loose your wristband you will have to repurchase a new one at full price.

*Anyone caught throwing cigarette butts on the property will result in their whole cottage losing $100 from their security deposit.

*No glass of any kind is allowed outside, if caught with glass of any kind outside the deposit of the whole cottage will be lost.

*Bring Bedding for Double Beds; towels; pots, pans; plastic plates, glasses & cutlery.

*$25 parking charge is required per car per stay. All cars with no parking tag will be towed.

*Absolutely no music after midnight either in or outside your cottage in accordance to the Wasaga Beach By-law. Failure to comply will result in total lost deposit of your cottage.

*Checkout time is strictly enforced. For every half hour you are late to checkout you will loose $10 from your deposit.

*If the smoke alarm is tampered with in any way in your cottage you will loose your security deposit.

*Any cottage that tampers with the smoke detectors or fire extinguishers in their cottage will have their names forwarded to the Wasaga Beach Fire Department. You may then be faced with fines up to $25,000.00

*All returnable security deposits will be done with the person who organized the stay and they will be returned within 72 hours followed by a thorough inspection of the cottages. They will not be returned at the time of check out.

*If you rip the plastic bag on your mattress you will loose $250 off you cottageā€™s security deposit.
Please also show your parents these Rules and Regulations so if they have any concerns they may contact us prior to your arrival.

*The manager has a right to enter your cottage at any time to check for any damage or wrongdoing.

*Failure to comply with these rules may result in criminal charges by the police department of Wasaga Beach and fines can be brought against the organizer of each group enforced by the Bylaw Department of Wasaga Beach.


No refunds on any deposits or bookings.
The Sands Waterfront Cottages can for any unforeseen reason cancel a reservation and is not liable for the cancellation in any way by any customer.
If for any unforeseen reason that the Sands Waterfront Cottages has to cancel a reservation a refund will be given for the night lost OR instead of a refund another day will be offered to make up for the day lost. It is either a choice, both will not be offered and only will happen if the Sands Waterfront Cottages cannot fulfill the reservation day.
A surcharge will be applied to deposits if returned for an approved cancellation.
Please call Susan for pricing at 416-566-1704
Prom Cottage rentals are not the same pricing as the weekly family rates after the July long weekend.
Our weekly family rates start after the July long weekend.
The family rates are not valid for the months of May, June and beginning of July.